Monday, June 13, 2011

Waterworks with Friendly, Bailey, and Fallon

Hey guys! So I have to make this quick cause I gtg but 2 days ago, Friendly, Bailey, Fallon (Ravenwood Radio) and I did Waterworks. We had "the whole community rooting us on" -Talon (Heroic Pyromancer)
It was sweet but sadly Friendly, Fallon and I didn't get what we wanted... Bailey got her boots which completed her level 60 gear! Gratz Bailey :D

On the topic of Waterworks, 10 minutes ago my friends and I were on the final boss in Waterworks when they all decided to leave and have me 1v1 the boss :( Not fun at all....

Here is the video of the Waterworks run with Friendly, Bailey, and Fallon (you better like it cause it took 6 hours to upload ;)

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