Thursday, June 2, 2011

Giving out passwords? Don't! Blogger of the Spiral: Edward Lifegem

Hello wizards,

I would like to do a blog post here about giving out your password/ user name.

Okay everyone, Just like on my blog post the other day I was talking about giving out passwords and user names is just like giving out personal Information. If someone asks tells you they can give you crowns/ memberships if you give them your password, remember, they will get the crowns and memberships only for them because they just took your account! You have to remember not to give away your personal information. The same thing works the same way in real life, you can't just give away your information to some complete stranger can you? Well don't give out your password to some complete stranger on wizard101! Thanks everyone for reading. Here are some tips on my blog if you would like to check that out :)

See you all around the Spiral,

~ Edward Lifegem

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