Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~4th of July Party!!!~

Hey all! Blaze Shadowhorn here XD So for those of you who don't know about my 4th of July party, it is going to be HUGE! Here is the game plan so far:

  • We have a guest list of 200+ Wizards attending from all across the Spiral. I have a good 300+ cards left over from the Ravenwood Ball for prizes and I hope to give them all out. They will be for the contest prizes etc.

  • Many famous Wizards including Friendly, Bailey, Edward Lifegem, Fin and Quinn, X and Z, Pyromancer Jonathan, The Elementalists, and many more! 
  • We will be giving away 600+ Treasure Cards as prizes
  • We will be having a PvP tournament (win prizes)
  • A 4th of July dress up contest. Whoever is the best 4th of July themed dressed wins cards. (3 winners)
  • Anyone who comes with the new Patriotic Leprechaun gets a few cards FREE!!! (if you don't know what the pet is and how to get it, view my other post here.)
Now isn't that sweet!!! Here is the party information:
Time - 9pm-12am Eastern Time
Pickup-Ice Tower

My other wizard (Blaze Shadowhorn Storm level 1) will be in the Ice tower the whole time waiting for guests to arrive so he can take them to me.

I hope to see you there!
-Blaze Shadowhorn

Oh and you can view the Facebook event page at:

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