Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~Interview With Ditto~

Hey guys! I got the amazing opportunity to interview Ditto for my blog XD It was an amazing experiance that I know many Wizards will get a lot out of this :) Ed please read this :) Here is the link to the interview:

-Blaze Shadowhorn

~Sophia's Spiral Explorers!~

WOOT! Today I got accepted into the Spiral Explorers XD A great honor it is. I am the wizard who takes care of anything relating to houses/dorms. It is very cool and I hope to be very helpful to the group XD
Here is the link to our blog:

Blaze Shadowhorn


OMG!!! Ok so not to sound like a little girl *cough cough* but like Friendly (my good friend) said that he would attend my 4th of July party if Stephen Spiritcaller went. Stephen said he would xD This is very big for me because like come on! We are talking about 2 very famous bloggers. Stephen is the guy from Ravenwood Radio and Friendly is just Friendly xD

I am good friends with Friendly already and his Wife Bailey Skystaff (Uber Wife) is a very good friend of mine and she said she would go already so thats pretty sweet. Also Ed, MWS, Fin and Quinn, Mary, Chase, and many other famous wizards will be at the party.

Anyways, if you want to attend my party, click on the following link and read the post on the info.

Blaze Shadowhorn

5 More Days!

Hi-a! Today is day three in Edward LifeGem's contest for sultans palace! Only five more days! 
See Ya Then!

Monday, May 30, 2011

It's ready!

Well i took you guys's advice and made my fanfic. You can view it on the 'Necromaniac' page on The Necromancer's Epitaph.

                                                          - Timothy Lighttalon

Blogger Of the Spiral: Edward Lifegem

Hello wizards,

Just wanted to make a quick post saying, I like all of the entries for my contest! You guys are doing great! :)

If you guys would like more information on my contest, Go to Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem, also, I have had 3 contests so far, this one is the best! Hope you enjoy! Here is the link to contest Details: http://edwardwintergem.blogspot.com/2011/05/sultans-palace-giveaway-day-2.html

See you guys around the Spiral!

~ Atswel ~ Edward Lifegem

Its a me, Ben!

Hi!! I'm Ben Frogstone! I'm not normally a blogger, I mainly make YouTube videos so if my posts are a bit "Odd" you know why..
Check out some of my best videos below:

Big thanks to Mary, Blaze, and Ed for making this blog (Atleast I think thats right o_o)

And remember....



~Bye Bye GH, Hello WT!~

WOOT! I finally finished Grizzleheim today XD I was  *cough cough* lazy and I didn't feel like doing my quests in Ravenscar but I finally did it XD
Here are some of my pics of it:
enlarge to read


I am considering writing a fanfic on The Necromancer's Epitaph. Not so sure about the title yet but whether i am gonna write it or not will be determined by if people wanna see me write a fanfic or not, so just tell me if you want me to write or not.

                                                                     - Timothy Lighttalon

Magical Musings!

I've come up with a new name! An awesome one at that! Magical Musings! Isn't that AWESOME? I personally LOVE it. I also made some fixer-uppers on the design! Now i think my blogs design is complete! You can see the changes here: http://malornswiftsword.blogspot.com/
See Ya Then!

~Hanging Out With Wizzy's part 2~

So after all that mumbo jumbo in Wu area 1, Ed and I decided to go to Marleybone and buy our outfits for the Ravenwood Ball XD We had a fun time but I have to say, Ed has a pretty sweet outfit! If you have seen Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Ed looks like the Spanish Captain. He has the whole outfit down pat! It is pretty sweet XD I actually bought it after him but i'm not gonna wear it to Ravenwood Ball cause like... I don't want us to be wearing the same thing haha XD

Here are a few pics on my clothing and Ed's clothing:



Side View Ne


Blaze Shadowhorn

~Hanging Out With Wizzy's part 1~

Hey guys! Today I had the great opportunity to hang out and chat with Mary Dreamshade who runs the amazingly awesomeness blog-pielovingnecromancer.com

It is a totally wicked blog with sweet info etc. Anyways so I met up with Mary, Edward Lifegem, and Sophia Silverheart.  You all know Ed by now so I am just gonna post a link to Ed's blog-edwardwintergem.blogspot.com

Sophia is actually the head of a group called "Spiral Explorers". They are a group of people who help people with questing and problems throughout the Spiral. The link to their page is:

After that, Ed and I decided to go to Wu area 1 and check on the language there. It was horrendous! We had to report a few people but for good reasons. Here is a video of Marys house and some pictures of the language we saw:

Had to report Adrian for Foul Language

Blaze Shadowhorn

~Beating Grizzleheim~

Finally! I finally beat Ravenscar cause I have been pushing questing off for a while lol.
Here is a video of my Gurtok Demon Battle:
Blaze Shadowhorn

~Blaze Shadowhorn Here XD~

Hey guys! So I Blaze Shadowhorn am also posting on this blog XD I'm so excited to work on this with all of you like Ed and Mary etc. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of a beautiful blog and long lasting friendship XD

Please check out the blog I run which is very awesomeness :D

Blaze Shadowhorn

New Name

So i wanted a new name because The Tale Of Malorn SwiftSword is a little to long and fancy. Then i came up with Magical Musings, so until someone finds a wizard101 related blog that has that name, my blog will be Magical Musings!
See ya then,
Malorn swiftSword

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sultans Palace Giveaway! Blogger of the Spiral: EL

Yes, as most of you know, I am having a sultans palace giveaway on my blog! The sultans palace giveaway. I just wanted everyone to know on here. Here is some information about it:

Contest Details:
Email me at edwardwintergem@yahoo.com
Tell me your favorite thing about Wizard101, I will pick one winner for this contest to win.
Also, This contest ends on June 5th, 2011. A week from today, Good luck everyone, Sign up If you can! :)

Here is a link to more contest details:

I love having contests, even though I don't even have a membership I would still love to have the contest, and I am not canceling it :) Enjoy this contest Wizards!

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

DragonSpyre quests with Jenna; Jenna/Angel UnicornDreamer

SO, I was originally going to post this on my site, but I decided to put it on the Bloggers of the Spiral!!

So, I am questing and getting pretty far in DragonSpyre with Jenna, so I thought I would share that with you :)

I have gotten my Satyr pet egg, and I cant wait for it to hatch!!! I have been waiting for this since, like, EVER!!! Also, I am level 48 (But REALLY, REALLY close to 49) and I reedeemed my Mega Bundle gear for 50, so I cant wait for that!!

To see my blog, click here.

Good Luck and be Prosperous!


Jenna/Angel UnicornDreamer

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blog Incidents. Blogger of the Spiral: Edward Lifegem

I just wanted to make a quick post unlike my other blog post On Atswel, I would like to say, Don't blame the official bloggers because of the recent blogger Incident. Its kinda bad enough that the quit the blogging because everyone was worried about a code and all. I think the official bloggers are very good at what they do, and we should be supporting them! :) Also, don't blame Kingsisle, I for one think they made the right choice and I really wanted to become an official blogger when I started blogging. That was my main goal, even though I didn't reach  that, It doesn't mean I do not like blogging anymore, I actually love blogging about Wizard101. If you would like to see my recent post, It can be found at: Atswel

Thanks Wizards,
See you all around the Spiral :)

~ Edward Lifegem

Mega Bundle

Oh yeah, like Thomas mentioned, the new Mega bundle card is out now. I also have a post on The Necromancer's Epitaph that has pictures of the Sultan's Palace so just be sure to check that out!

Blogger of the Spiral: Alia LotusPetal

Hey everyone! I'm Alia LotusPetal, I run the blog called The Wizard101 Addict! I'm REALLY excited to be a blogger of the spiral! ^-^

I honestly have no idea what else to say, so I guess that's all from me for now xD

~The LotusPetal

Bloggers of the Spiral: Jenna/Angel UnicornDreamer

Hey, Wizards!! I am so happy to be on The Bloggers of the Spiral!! Thank you for letting me on this awesome team! As few of you know, I run The Theurg named UnicornDreamer. Come on and check it out!! I will be posting more Social/Clothing posts and not Questing posts, because I am not the very best at the game...

Good Luck!!


Jenna/Angel UnicornDreamer

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bloggers of the Spiral: Thomas DeathGem

Hey all! I am Thomas DeathGem of the awesome diviner! 
awesomediviner.com (you may be reading this and it is awesomediviner.blogspot.com) 

Cya around!

Bloggers of the Spiral: Malorn SwiftSword

Hi! This is Malorn SwiftSword! I hope all of you have a great weekend! Have you heard? KI came out with a new double card! The Mega Bundle comes with lots of special equipment! Check out my blog if you want to see what it has! See ya 'round!
Malorn SwiftSword

Blogger of the Spiral: Edward Lifegem

Hello everyone!

Edward Lifegem here, and I just wanted to say, I have joined The bloggers of the Spiral because since Kingsisle doesn't let the blogs having anything to do with blogger become a community blog, Mary thought of the idea of making this blog, and send it to kingsisle! I agree 101% on this! Please join this blog, We hope that in the near future, It will become a popular blog!

Join if you guys want, help support us if you want!

See you all around the spiral! :)

Blogger of the Spiral: Timothy Lighttalon

hey guys! This is Timothy Lighttalon from the Necromancer's Epitaph! I am proud to say that i've joined with the Bloggers of the Spiral! I look forward to blogging with my fellow wizard bloggers. I'll probably be posting more on my blog, the Necromancer's Epitaph, than on here but i'll try my best to post on here as often as i can!

                                                                                              -Timothy Lighttalon

My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.
                                                                                                         - Psalm 62:1

Hello Everyone!

Hi Everyone :) This is Mary Dreamshade posting right now :D As you may know, 2 days ago, KingsIsle said that they weren't accepting any blogs that have blogger. Well, that doesn't mean that we have to stop blogging because of them and that just let hope down! I have made this blog, along with the help of the idea from Edward Lifegem. Anyone who is a NICE Wizard101 player is welcome to join :D Just send me your email that you use for blogger in the comments OR email it to me via pielovingnecromancer@gmail.com :D We are all happy to have anyone who would do posts all on Wizard101, please do not get off topic, but ANYONE is welcome that we at least know that you wont say anything bad or get off topic a lot :D If you do not have a BlogSpot acount, you can just make one with your WIZARD email. Please, no in real life emails, we want to keep this stalker proof :D Anyways, thank you for looking at our blog, and I hope we see you in the near future :)

-Mary Dreamshade