Tuesday, May 31, 2011


OMG!!! Ok so not to sound like a little girl *cough cough* but like Friendly (my good friend) said that he would attend my 4th of July party if Stephen Spiritcaller went. Stephen said he would xD This is very big for me because like come on! We are talking about 2 very famous bloggers. Stephen is the guy from Ravenwood Radio and Friendly is just Friendly xD

I am good friends with Friendly already and his Wife Bailey Skystaff (Uber Wife) is a very good friend of mine and she said she would go already so thats pretty sweet. Also Ed, MWS, Fin and Quinn, Mary, Chase, and many other famous wizards will be at the party.

Anyways, if you want to attend my party, click on the following link and read the post on the info.

Blaze Shadowhorn


  1. Ummm...I apologize, but I can't make a 4th of July party - I have an RL engagement every year on July 4th, and I can't be hanging out (too much) in the Spiral on that day.

    I'll certainly pop in if I should jump in game during that day, but I doubt I'll be on. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding!


  2. It's fine Stephen. Hope you have a good 4th of July and congrats on the engagement :)