Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Hi Everyone :) This is Mary Dreamshade posting right now :D As you may know, 2 days ago, KingsIsle said that they weren't accepting any blogs that have blogger. Well, that doesn't mean that we have to stop blogging because of them and that just let hope down! I have made this blog, along with the help of the idea from Edward Lifegem. Anyone who is a NICE Wizard101 player is welcome to join :D Just send me your email that you use for blogger in the comments OR email it to me via :D We are all happy to have anyone who would do posts all on Wizard101, please do not get off topic, but ANYONE is welcome that we at least know that you wont say anything bad or get off topic a lot :D If you do not have a BlogSpot acount, you can just make one with your WIZARD email. Please, no in real life emails, we want to keep this stalker proof :D Anyways, thank you for looking at our blog, and I hope we see you in the near future :)

-Mary Dreamshade

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