Saturday, June 11, 2011


     Ok, so if you are reading this blog you are probably a part of the community of bloggers/ twizzards/  serious wizards that just don't play the game.  If you are one of these then you might know me.  Those of you that don't let me introduce my self.

My Character on Wizzy(the abbreviation I made for Wizard101)  is Finnigan Deathfinder.  HENCE we have Fin for short.  Although my name indicates me being death, haha I fooled you.  I am Balance.  Me personally.  All Fin and Quinn fans know this
-I am a Rush Fan,  some other facts
-I love to play music. I play bass, guitar, drums, keyboard/piano, marimba/xylophone(aka keyboard percussion),  I quit the tuba a couple days ago, but I could still play it if some one put a gun to my head, flute, and a lot of other instruments that I forgot
-I build and launch model rockets
-I love programing in Java.  So much fun
-I Yoyo.  As a matter of fact I got a new yoyo yesterday.  The bumble bee.
-I love Rush
-I play soccer, football, I ran cross county and am training this summer.
-I like to build computers, so if you buy the parts I will build it for you(cheaper than actually buying a factory one)
-I am 14 and Quinn and I are 3 days from becoming official high schoolers
-And second most important  I love Wizzy( first was I love Rush)

Hope to see you in the game and on Fin and Quinn


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